November 18, 2010


 ‘Reading’ is my hobby. But I’m not a kind of bookworm who keeps reading all the time, putting all other things aside. But a modest reader who reads novels, newspapers, magazines, blogs, reports etc on a regular basis.  One day I read a lot and another not at all, but reading is affixed with my life firmly.

But the problem with me is that most of books I start reading never get a fair end and they are left unfinished. Mostly due to the zeal I have at the starting time may evaporate before I could finish the book. Only those books get a happy ending which have either a good story or I have some keen interest in the subject.

Today I finished a book; unfortunately the first reason was not there of reading, since the book has some dubious content.  It was ‘Chariots of the gods’ by Erich Van Daniken. Though it is not a great book but the subject of it was so absurd that I could not resist and have to read it.

In the book the author write about a very different theory, a totally different theory developed by himself, based on many natural evidences. It says that the humanity was transferred from some alien creatures to the earth some thousands years ago. To prove the theory he gave numerous examples including Easter Islands, Piri Ries Map, The plain of Nazca, Mahabharata, and a lot of other absurd and dubious examples. I’m stating those ‘dubious’ while the reading the book I was also googling the strange names, places and stories but couldn’t find much relevant content. Though the book was published on 1969 and it is 2010 today, and the level of research and the information available on that day and today have a very big difference.

Still the book provides a totally different angle and after reading the book you must be wondering that whether the theory is right or wrong, since there are so many evidences and examples to support it.

Here I would like to discuss the author’s view about Mahabharata, since I’m very comfortable with this particular topic. 

 According to the theory in Mahabharata the tale of Kunti who was made pregnant by God Sun and later gave birth to Karan, was in fact a example of how the astronomers from another world passed their genes to human.  They were the aliens whom our ancestors later depicted as Gods due to their immeasurable power and inhuman characteristics. They would come from the sky, passed their knowledge to our ancestors,  breed some women and returned to their place in the some far planet.

I won’t  rate the book as a very  good read but still the absurd theory makes it a must read book.

And in last in my opinion we have to accept sooner or later that we are not alone in this universe and the theory by Danikan has definitely a point, it may be wrong might be correct.
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