July 25, 2010

My first day as an unemployed person

Its never easy to fetch a campus placement in the post recession time, specially when you are from a third grade management institute. But my case was quite different and I got it without any hard efforts just before the completion of program. Though the real picture came in the sight after some days with new norms started coming into existence. Starting from turning the fixed incentive of rupees 2 lacs into performance bonus, than the employee bond of one year was introduced, and yesterday the last but not the least a notice with demanding a security of rupees some twenty thousand took all the 'chain' from my life. Story doesn't completes even here and this morning the HR guy mailed me that the recruitment of all the candidates has been canceled because the 85% of the candidates declined the offer in last 12 hours.

Now in this 21st century who is so stupid to pay them this much of money in the name of security which actually was for securing their investment done on training of new employees in the case if they resign in a short period. My opinion is that this was not the only company who is providing the training, even the biggest companies don't ask for such securities; than what the hell make this 'nobody knows company' to ask for this. This could be only in the two cases, first may be the firm is a fraud, which has been indicating by all of its related functions like recruitment process, lack of firm policies, no authentic address or website; second the HR management is so childish that don't know what policy should be adopt by the company for new recruits, which would be the real strength of the company.

So the bottom line is that I'm unemployed now and this is my first day of unemployed life.....

Before I finish it 'three cheers for...........' who made this possible by allowing such a fantastic company for campus placement at the best institution of the state (and this is not sarcasm of course it is best, despite being third grade.....).

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  1. If it's a fraud company you are better off without them Shrikant!!!

    Gives you time to look for a reliable, trust worthy place.

  2. Don't Worry Buddy, If one door is closed other will be opened for you. Just keep trying. Best of luck.

  3. Feeling Free, not encumbered to the whims and facies of the Bosses and their superiors.

    Make the most of this "Moment" : This Free Time is never going to comeback.

    But, sackings/retrenchments/downsizing are a fact that India should have embraced long time back.

    Someone has said, Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, (....rest you can read in the in the Tagore's Gitanjali...) is apt in todays's world.

    In the end the rankings do not matter, this unemployed period will not even be blip in you life's radar.

    It's what you have learnt in your B-school and how and when you employ those ideas and the outcomes you achieve - is what matters.

    People proposed Game theory, and won nobel prize but this was thrown out when someother economists suggested Bounded Rationality idea...

    There you go Walk alone in the path and relax.

  4. I do agree with your comments sir, thank you for precious advices....

    thanks to indianhomemaker and vinay....


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