December 30, 2009

AAMIR KHAN : the pucca idiot

I had a intention of writing about this person for a long time but the situation didn’t allow me to speak out the thought I had in my mind because what I’m going to say may or may not be had enough weight earlier. It is not about the Amir Khan’s recent success of the movie 'the three idiots' but about something different.
The person is very special to me because since childhood I adore his movie, liked roles played by him, fond of the way he chooses the subject and the story for his movies. He is my favorite actor for last one and half decade so I could be a little biased towards him but I’ll try my best to avoid that.
 Just a few years ago Shahrukh khan was the unofficial king of the bollywood having a large number of fans and followers. He was achieving success not only at box offices but also on small screen and from commercials to the IPL, but now his flaunt able success has been limited to only in terms of commercial advertisements. It seems that he has lost his stardom to Amir Khan who in the only king or Badshah right now got it by accruing success slowly but steadily.
For a last few years Amir Khan made or worked in movies which created history back by back where Shahrukh khan's stardom has seen lots of downturns. Reasons could be many but the man who deserves all the praises is the Mr. Perfectionist. And good thing is that he is getting bountiful of that.
 Here is an analysis of Amir Khan which clears a lot of things about him.           
SWOT analysis of Aamir khan
·                    Superb acting skills
·                    Good knowledge of film making
·                    Good selection of movies
·                    Intellectual person
·                    Unique Ideas for film promotion
·                    Hard working
·                    Have good patience

·                    Overconfidence (Not egoism)
·                    Copycatting (the whole concept of gajini was not suitable for him, although it was huge success)
·                    Low height (Although he never allow this fact to stop him to do anything but this is also a pitfall)
·                    Peak of the career
·                    Working with big players
·                    Penetration in international market(3 idiot is all set to earn highest revenue in foreign markets in Indian films category)
·                    lead the Indian film industry in the decade ahead
·                    Age factor(he will be 45 on 14th march)
·                    Competition (SRK and Akki could bounce back and can claim the hot seat back)

So this was an analysis of Amir Khan that shows the very good situation of the actor and assures his bright future ahead.
If you have any reaction on the post please let me know.

December 19, 2009


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The latest sensation of james cameron which released yesterday fulfils all the promises it made to viewers. The epic motion picture 'AVATAR' takes us to the new world beyond our imagination. The work by the director is really admirable who made this impossible fantasy possible with his so many years' hard work. The movie makes it clear that today the technology is so advanced that no fantasy is beyond it's reach.

It's not that the movie have only technological edge but the story is also fabulous. James just foreseen the future by this motion picture. The fight between Humans and the aliens also resembles the actual fights going on the earth specially what USA did to Afghanistan after 9/11.

'AVATAR' is also in the news for it's India connection. Their are innumerable such a connections.

BY And large I can say that the movie is going to change the history in many areas including in earning, in awards and most importantly it will change the mindset of people about a nice movie.

November 10, 2009

About 'The Lost Symbol'

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I just finished 'The Lost Symbol' of Dan Brown. Nice book. Nice story. But in the comparison of 'The Da Vinci Code' by the same writer it's really disappointing specially for Dan's fans like me.

The book is written in the same style the last one was. Only the characters are changed and so the story. This time also their was a big secret that should not be reveal to the world . Although the writer wrote it perfectly but disappointment is that it's very similer to the last book of the writer.

September 18, 2009

About Arvind Adiga's 'The White Tiger'


"One of the most important books I've read in decades. No hyperbole. This debut novel hit me like a kick to the head. ............. .....blaw.. ..... ..blaw..........blaw.........."

This is what 'USA Today' wrote about the book. Only an Idiot can say like this or an American. since the whole book is mere a dirty collection of all the shit one can find in India. For the rich countries it may consist something that make them feel that India is a country of snake and monkeys. May be for the very reason that the book highlights the well hidden dirtiness of our country Adiga got the Big Prize. Here I'm not saying that what he said is totally wrong but the way he narrated the story is condemnable specially writing a letter to Chinese premier who was to come to India on a tour and tell him that India is not a nice country as you are supposing that she is. Also that you are coming in India for gaining some experience for encouraging the entrepreneurship in the China since India is haven for entrepreneurs but real picture is different.

Criticism of the system is not bad at all since it helps to find our drawbacks; and that should always be welcome but not like this one where writer's aim is different than making aware people. No system in the world is perfect and more important their is not a single country that has only bad things. Also by a single person's story you can't say that each and everybody faces all these problems.
So although I'm somewhat a little late to post such a blog but i hope that Mr. Adiga would not write such a book that's aim is to let down the country.

For information about Arvind Adiga please click here-
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