April 13, 2013

Best Justin Bieber Jokes Ever

Q: What's worse than finding a Justin Bieber CD in your boyfriend's bedroom?
A: Finding a box of tissues next to it. 

Q: What’s the difference between a water bottle and puberty? 
A: A water bottle has already hit Justin Bieber. 

Q: Why is Justin Bieber so pale? 
A: Because theres no light in the closet! 

Q: How do stories from Justin Biebers early childhood begin? 
A: "A few months ago" 

Q: Why doesn't Justin Bieber eat bananas? 
A: He can't find the zipper! 

Q: How did Justin Bieber hurt his head? 
A: He fell off a ladder trying to reach puberty! 

Q: What does Justin Bieber and a Christmas tree have in common? 
A: Their balls are just for decoration. 

Q: What does Justin Bieber and the New Years crowd at Time Square have in common? 
A: They’re both waiting for balls to drop! 

Q: What will happen if you call Justin Bieber gay? 
A: He will slap you with his man purse. 

Q:What do you call a Canadian girl who can't sing? 
A:Justin Bieber. 

Q: What is Justin Bieber's new hit single? 
A: "If I were a Boy" 

Q: What’s the difference between Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga ? 
A: One of them has balls and it ain’t Bieber. 

Q: Why is it sometimes alright to judge a book by its cover? 
A: Sometimes it's named 'Justin Bieber', and you know its crap! 

Q: Why is Justin Bieber like Ms. Pac-man! 
A: Just a token and she's ready to swallow! 

Q: How hard is puberty going to hit Justin Bieber? 
A: Harder then Chris Brown hitting Rihanna! I heard Justin Bieber has an 8 inch dick, But it’s in his ass and belongs to Usher. 

Q: What does Justin Biebers asshole and his mouth have in common? 
A: They both produce the same shit! 

Q: Whats the difference between Justin Bieber And a Snickers bar? 
A: A Snickers bar has nuts! 

Q: Why do Justin Biebers male friends nickname him "Shotgun"? 
A: Give him a cock and he'll Blow! 

Q: If Eminem is the King of Rap, what is Justin Bieber? 
A: The Queen of Crap! 

Q: What does Justin Bieber and Pinocchio have in common? 
A: They both want to be real boys. 

Q: What is the biggest lie of 2011? 
A: "Justin Bieber is the father of my Baby" - Mariah Yeater. 

Q: What is Victoria's Secret? 
A: (whispering) Justin Bieber is gay! 

Q:  How do you piss off Justin Bieber? 
A: Tell him Santa Claus aint real. 

Q: How do you REALLY piss him off? 
A: Punch him in the teeth & tell him the tooth fairy aint real!

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  2. Justin bieber jokes never get old , they are always hilarious. :D

  3. Q: How did Justin Bieber remove a condom?
    A: He took a shit!


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