September 18, 2010

Hey GOD!!! Are You There???

The title of the article may seem a little crazy since it clearly gives a message that the writer doesn't believe or at least is not sure about the existence of the so called omnipresent God, and Atheism or agnosticism are considered some sort of craziness on the planet Earth. There are a hefty number of people distributed in different nationality, religion, age,  proffession etc. who considered themselves atheist or agnosticism.The number goes upto 85% in countries like Sweden, who prefer to be non-religious; Denmark, Finland, Norway are also not too behind.

As some people may think, Atheism is not a new phenomenon. Ancient Hindus founded 'Atheistic school' and it existed from historical vedic religion.  Among the six historical schools in ancient India, 'Samakhya' and 'Mimansa' rejected the notion of God. However the 'Carvaka' school which was originated in 6th century BC was most explicitly Atheist school of ancient India. In modern time many religions are allowing their follower to be a atheist, Jainism and Buddhism are more open in this sense. 
 It is not that Atheism is spreading and Religious bodies are not doing anything, they are doing all the possible thing for maintain their religion's popularity. Recently Pope Benedict XVI said that Atheism is like Nazism. The church have been criticizing and thrashing all the atheist activities for the centuries, but even it's punishments could not stop the juggernaut of Atheism. 
Now the question remains intact that does God exist or not. I won't give the usual answer of this question that it depends on your belief. To me it doesn't matter what is your belief, since your belief can't change the reality. If the God doesn't exists and somebody say I believe in God so that will create a God but only in his dreams. Their are many evidences which gives some idea about the existence of God but unfortunately we don't believe anything without  experiencing it. Also evidences are innumerable and a single evidence has n number of meanings attached with it.  So only in one condition we can say that God exist if come and tell us that hello, look at me, I'm real. Without that we can not say that he is not a creation of our mind but a thing with a tag attached with it, saying 'AUTHENTICATED'

Mature enough to appreciate your views; immature enough to read and forget all the criticism....


  1. Dear bro. I don't comment on this but I can say only one thing in this world everyone remember GOD when he find himself in trouble........So acc. to me GOD is always here for help u.

  2. Not agreed with aashish because if God would really help people in trouble than no true believer would ever got a trouble.

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  4. Sometimes I believe that god do exist when coincidence/miracle happens but most of the time I'm suspecting the existence of god. It just depends on how each individual sees it.

  5. Please follow me:

  6. the entire blog was biased towards atheism and author is also more
    tend to be an atheist as per the tendency implicit by the views of the
    author. moreover, if one believes in god, one doesn't need a proof
    from god or a miracle to happen..but if one doesn't believe in god,
    even hundreds of miracles will not serve the purpose and they will
    still question the presence of god.
    nevertheless, if mr. kumawat gives sth to sb, the taker will
    always feel that this is given by mr. kumawat. God has given
    everything in such an amazing way to everybody that you even forget
    the giver and consider that the things belong to you. can you give sth
    to sb in this way?
    that's the difference bw god and human being (paranormal and normal).
    all in all, these kind of blogs also come out of your ego, the
    ego of your materialistic body, the ego of your existence.

  7. @ Abbie- agree with you, this is the same feeling most of people have that whether god exist or not.

  8. @ 1st runner up-- Following your blog.

  9. @ vivek- First of all I would like to call myself a agnostic instead of atheist, a person who is not sure that whether God exist or not. Second thing that it not that I was an agnostic, I would a believer in God in my childhood but as the time pass I turned into a non-believer. I'm not against of it but something is preventing me to favor this.
    Anyway nice to hear you.


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