September 06, 2010


For a long time I was thinking to write an article about this book, but only now I could manage to find some free time for it. I'm not a type of person who write with cotton in ears but some peaceful environment is must to concentrate one's thoughts in a proper way. So after gathering my strength, here we go.....
'STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH' is a book by Indian writer Rashmi Bansal. Published in 2008, this book talks about 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who choose their own path, a path of entrepreneurship. These people defied the system which forces students to be a part of rat race which ends up leaving them en-caged forever. Among these people some are very well known names in the Indian Corporate, such as Sanjeev Bhikhchandani, R subramaniam, Narendra Murkunbi, Nirmal Jain etc who achieved a very reputed position in business world. Choosing entrepreneurship over hefty packages offered by top MNCs was not a easy decision for them but the passion and determination to create a new path of their own made it possible. They faced many hurdles on their way, some small, some big, but never quit and the rest is history.
The author of the book is well known writer in India who writes about various aspects related to the young generation and a specialist in the area. Recent release by her is ‘CONNECT THE DOTS’ which is also a collection of real success story of 20 entrepreneurs. But unlike the last book for this book she choose 20 people who were not so educated and still achieved a very high position in the entrepreneurship, about that most of the executives can only dream of. 
The best thing about the book is that it describes success story of 25 people with different social and economic background, that’s why every reader can connect himself with the one or more stories due to resemblance of same social and economical background. Also reader gets  a clear view of those entrepreneurs in a single book, otherwise most of the books available in the market contains stories about a single entrepreneur.
Same time the worst thing about this book is that it only contains stories of IIMA graduates, but the same condition does not apply to the MBAs from other institutes.
Still the book is a must read since it gives a good insight about those of businessman's journey to success. I recommend it to all the student, executives and entrepreneurs who have not read it yet.  (LINK TO THE BLOG OF RASHMI BANSAL)
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