August 31, 2010


Once again Pakistan cricket's dirty face unveiled in front of the world by a sting operation of British newspaper 'news of the world'. When it came to light that a London based bookie is behind this fiasco in which seven players of Pakistan has been named for taking money for fixing the match, it became the most ashamed day for cricket. No Pakistani fan ever would have thought that their idol could do that for satisfying their greed. That's why news of pelting stone on donkeys with name written on those of the players are coming from Pakistan. 
The worst thing about this incident that this time the bookie were trying to fix very minute thing such as no-balls etc. This is called spot fixing which deals with fixing minor things instead of whole match fixing, that why it is very difficult to know that any thing like this is going on. In lord test three no-balls were fixed which delivered by Amir and Asif as claimed by Majeed.
By analyzing the seriousness of the issue ICC also suggested for banning the players for life in any format of international cricket. Such a demands came from many more cricket players and organization. Meanwhile Pakistan has denied to ban the players without full evidences. 
This is not the first time when any cricketer found indulging in match fixing and Pakistan had a long saga and expertise in this thing. Before this many international players from many nations have caught for this immoral deed. Cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, Navjot Singh Siddu, Nikhil Chaupda, Saleem Malik, Herschelle Gibbs,  Nicky Boje, Mark Waugh Hancy Cronje, Shane Warne, Waqar,Wasim etc has been found involved in match fixing and faced charges.
Also cricket is not the only game which is facing charge of match fixing. In this league football, badminton, tannins etc have been in news for this particular thing.
Around one decade ago when many Indian players were found indulged in match fixing, many many people stop watching cricket match and Indian cricket took many years to come back on the track. Here it would be interesting that how Pakistan cricket will come out of this shit and how much time will it take.
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