August 22, 2010

From Srilanka with love

Just a few hours ago when India - Srilanka cricket match was about to start, I was very excited about the match. Due to the recent shor sharaba over Randiv's no-ball issue, it was natural to be so keen for a cricket lover. The match was good in starting but turned out in a nightmare for a Indian spectator since India was losing its wickets in every another over.

In the match no Indian batsman could score even a half century and with the highest score of 38 runs by Yuvraj, Indian inning could just kiss the a ton and lost its life at mere 103 runs.
But the twist was that India's such a low score was not because of Indian batsman's poor performance and great bowling by Srilankans, it was more due to bad umpiring. A total of 4 batsman lost their because of wrong decisions made by the umpires. Probably this is the first time in international cricket when so many wrong decision were taken.

Now I will not say that their is something kala in the hot dal, because last time I was wrong when i stated that Randiv's so called no ball was just a mistake, only later I knew that it was his deliberate action that lessen the spirit of the game and made Srilankan board to keep begging for apologies for a couple of days.
But it is sure that the game has changes so much in last decade or so. With many high level controversies right from the match fixing, ball tempering, IPL ke ghaple etc. to saving the test from T20, ICC is facing a tough time in time of the change.

I think in the last decade cricket has evolved in 'laphange pareende' from a Gentleman now. And with the change it should be make sure that no one can spoil it, and these kind of controversies are not good for the game.
'ye sab to chalta rahta hai' and I'm sure BCCI is good enough for tackle these kind of issues, so aam spectators should consider it a gift from srilanka with love.....


  1. Bhai this is a nice blog on Indian cricket team lose but I don't 100% agree with u becoz according to me Indian team did not deserve the win. The worst performance by the top and middle level batsmen except Virender Sehwag and also the poor captaincy by the Captain. So they must lose the match.

  2. oye hello, virendra sehwag ne kaunse run banaye the aaj?????????

    sirji tussi kya sote rahte ho TV k aage???


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