August 05, 2010

Making it in the Indian way

India is all set to organize best commonwealth game ever, as they say. The preparations for the games are going on with full speed.  A lot of finance has been approved by the government to show the world that India doesn’t short of the ‘Money’ as they think about us.
But as you know no Indian government’s work, function or project completes without the element corruption’s contribution. Here also it is now clear that there is something ‘black’ behind or under the undergoing projects of the mega event. For last one week media has been showing more and more news every passing day related to possible scam in organization of the games. The reports say that the organizing committee has done many scams in a single event. Right from contracting, which includes taking equipment on lease for  `10 lac, whose cost is just around ` 4 lac and purchasing products more than 2000% higher than their market price??
Such news started coming for last a few days and now the frequency has been increased so much, people have already very negative image about the games and now such news will make the case more worse. In such scenario it would be very difficult for the India to make it the ‘biggest ever’ kind of thing.
Between in all these things one thing is clear that the games have been Indianised this time and such small things like ‘big scams’ does make it only more Indian. Doesn’t it??

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  1. ye to abhi shuruaat hi hai, asliyat to samne aani baki hai....


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