August 31, 2011


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PART- I / 31-08-2011

Once on a rainy day in Jaipur my grandfather Mr. Tharkichand passed to me the centuries old family success mantra. The mantra which was the most credited reason of our family's super success. Though we have not remained as rich as i did stress but still owning seven cars including two luxurious one are pretty enough in the country, where most of the population still travel in buses and eat samosas with hari chatni. 

He said to me, " Beta, whatever you do in your life always remember one thing that a person cannot make it big without proper guidance. That's why we have made it a tradition of our great great family that before one of younger one goes for higher studies by paying handsome amount as fee and not to forget under the table fee; he should be told the family's mantra for guaranteed success. I'm personally so convinced with the mantra that at the time of your birth I decided that your name should be Chatukumar, means a person who does lots and lots of chamachbaji(flattering). So if you really want to succeed in life don't forget one thing that even in blackest night there is a ray of hope, so whenever you get in some difficult situation in your life just believe in the super mantra of success 'the chatugiri'(flattering). Now go and rule the world!"


All characters and situations in the story are fictitious, if you feel that it is similar to your own story than go FUS ;)

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