March 24, 2013

Sir Ravindra Charles Jadeja- Funny Facts

Respected Sir Ravindra Charles Jadeja, who is the only kho-kho player of India, who also plays cricket. This gujarati guy believed inventor of cricket and considered the Rajnikant of cricket.

Now a days a lots of facts are trending around the internet world, but a very few of them are trustworthy. Dilutelife here bring you a good number of Sir Jadeja fact, which in fact are facts. Please enjoy and don't forget like/share us on FB.

Sir Jadeja was the Driver of the bus in which Rajinikanth worked as a conductor.

Ravindra Jadeja once bowled with his own balls.

Once Sir jadeja became the coach of Indian cricket team and guess what India won the Fifa world cup.

Only 4 batsmen in first class cricket have made two 300s in the same season- WG Grace, Bill Ponsford, Don Bradman and Ravindra Jadeja.

The reason Sir Ravindra Jadeja did not hit a triple century was because Justice Katju had written to him to pardon Australia.

Sir Jadeja can take 12 wickets in an inning....

Dhoni got selected as a captain because of Sir Jadeja.

Actually Sachin is holding his retirement as he is waiting for Sir Ravindra Jadeja to grant him the permission.

In the epic Lagaan match against the british, Sir Ravindra Jadeja secretly trained Kachra on how to spin the ball.

Jadeja is the only national kho kho player who can also play cricket

Ravindra Jadeja is only cricketer who can eat cricket, sleep cricket, drink cricket and next morning has no trouble in the loo

Sachin : The God of cricket...... Ravindra Jadeja: The Rajinikanth of cricket!

Ravindra Jadeja cracked the joke that made Mona Lisa smile. She otherwise was in a real foul mood

The queen bestows knighthood on others, Jadeja bestows knighthood on the queen

When any Aus bowler appeal for "HowwzzzzzT ?" , the umpire take permission from Sir Jadeja

SIRJadeja once took a carbon ball, he rubbed it so much it turned into Kohinoor Diamond.

Sir Ravindra Jadeja once gave his blessings to a kid. That kid grew up to be Rajinikanth.

When Mark Zukerberg created Facebook he already had a friend request waiting from Ravindra Jadeja

Neil Armstrong was hesitant about stepping on moon, Ravindra Jadeja pushed him from behind.

Necessity is the mother of Invention . Sir Jadeja is Father .

Hadron Collider is such a waste of money. Ravindra Jadeja can make a particle out of God with a force exceeding one million TeV

Australian batsman are going to file gang rape case against Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Sir Jadeja can take a wicket by catching a ball outside boundary.

Sir Jadeja can get a wicket on a free hit.

The Earth is nothing but the spin ball of Lord Jadeja

Sir Jadeja can take a hat-trick in just one ball.

Poojara to be declared SIr Jadeja of the series

Sir Ravindra Jadeja wished to play Holi with white only and India Whitewashed Australia

India has never lost a Test Match when Sir Sri Sri Ravindra Jadeja is included in the playing XI.

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