March 05, 2013

Being A Common-man in India

Guys, as most of us fall into a very danger zone area, that is being a common-man, only our heart knows that how hard it is to be and remain constantly a common-man in India. There are many side effect of being one, most of those are negative and very frustrating. In India being a common-man is no piece of cake, you should have a lot of patience, courage and great ability to stop yourself to do anything that makes sense.

The qualification to be a common-man in India is simple, you should feel helpless and be a master of cursing others, specially our politicians and government for your own problems. If everything is going smoothly and as per expectations than just enjoy the show and keep going but as soon as you saw something goes out of the way, just form a group of random people and start cursing and abusing the system. There is only one thing you should take care of in the pursuant of being a common-man and that is not taking such extraordinary and unusual steps that can make you ineligible to be a common man league member.  

If one day someone will have to write a biography of a common-man than it would be the most depressing and demotivating book ever. As all the pages will have be filled with blaming, cursing,  and thus unaccomplished dreams. The 'someone' would be the most idiot person on earth, having nothing to do in his life but waste one's time on these morons who can't stand-up for themselves. 

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