September 18, 2009

About Arvind Adiga's 'The White Tiger'


"One of the most important books I've read in decades. No hyperbole. This debut novel hit me like a kick to the head. ............. .....blaw.. ..... ..blaw..........blaw.........."

This is what 'USA Today' wrote about the book. Only an Idiot can say like this or an American. since the whole book is mere a dirty collection of all the shit one can find in India. For the rich countries it may consist something that make them feel that India is a country of snake and monkeys. May be for the very reason that the book highlights the well hidden dirtiness of our country Adiga got the Big Prize. Here I'm not saying that what he said is totally wrong but the way he narrated the story is condemnable specially writing a letter to Chinese premier who was to come to India on a tour and tell him that India is not a nice country as you are supposing that she is. Also that you are coming in India for gaining some experience for encouraging the entrepreneurship in the China since India is haven for entrepreneurs but real picture is different.

Criticism of the system is not bad at all since it helps to find our drawbacks; and that should always be welcome but not like this one where writer's aim is different than making aware people. No system in the world is perfect and more important their is not a single country that has only bad things. Also by a single person's story you can't say that each and everybody faces all these problems.
So although I'm somewhat a little late to post such a blog but i hope that Mr. Adiga would not write such a book that's aim is to let down the country.

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