December 19, 2009


The latest sensation of james cameron which released yesterday fulfils all the promises it made to viewers. The epic motion picture 'AVATAR' takes us to the new world beyond our imagination. The work by the director is really admirable who made this impossible fantasy possible with his so many years' hard work. The movie makes it clear that today the technology is so advanced that no fantasy is beyond it's reach.

It's not that the movie have only technological edge but the story is also fabulous. James just foreseen the future by this motion picture. The fight between Humans and the aliens also resembles the actual fights going on the earth specially what USA did to Afghanistan after 9/11.

'AVATAR' is also in the news for it's India connection. Their are innumerable such a connections.

BY And large I can say that the movie is going to change the history in many areas including in earning, in awards and most importantly it will change the mindset of people about a nice movie.

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