July 25, 2010

My first day as an unemployed person

Its never easy to fetch a campus placement in the post recession time, specially when you are from a third grade management institute. But my case was quite different and I got it without any hard efforts just before the completion of program. Though the real picture came in the sight after some days with new norms started coming into existence. Starting from turning the fixed incentive of rupees 2 lacs into performance bonus, than the employee bond of one year was introduced, and yesterday the last but not the least a notice with demanding a security of rupees some twenty thousand took all the 'chain' from my life. Story doesn't completes even here and this morning the HR guy mailed me that the recruitment of all the candidates has been canceled because the 85% of the candidates declined the offer in last 12 hours.

Now in this 21st century who is so stupid to pay them this much of money in the name of security which actually was for securing their investment done on training of new employees in the case if they resign in a short period. My opinion is that this was not the only company who is providing the training, even the biggest companies don't ask for such securities; than what the hell make this 'nobody knows company' to ask for this. This could be only in the two cases, first may be the firm is a fraud, which has been indicating by all of its related functions like recruitment process, lack of firm policies, no authentic address or website; second the HR management is so childish that don't know what policy should be adopt by the company for new recruits, which would be the real strength of the company.

So the bottom line is that I'm unemployed now and this is my first day of unemployed life.....

Before I finish it 'three cheers for...........' who made this possible by allowing such a fantastic company for campus placement at the best institution of the state (and this is not sarcasm of course it is best, despite being third grade.....).

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July 24, 2010

Khatta Meetha

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Khatta MeethaAkshay Kumar's new movie 'Khatta Meetha' directed by Priyadarshan Released yesterday. The movie had created a lot of curiosity among spectators, as the promo suggested it a as good movie a 'Herapheri' was. This was also a crucial test for both the priyadarshan and akshay kumar, but the scorecard says 'failed' for both of them once again. The movie has a very loose script and needed some drastic modification in story. Also the direction was not as good as the director is known for.
If we talk about Akshay Kumar last two year have been traumatic for him, since most of his movies crashed at box office. The best movie of his was 'Houseful' which was mere a average movie can't considered that a successful film. At the time when his 'Singh is King' was released Akki was on cloud nine and people started considering him the new superstar of bollywood, but the situation has changed now and he is struggling for securing his star position. His acting doesn't intrigue now as much as it did in his past movies and the aging star having a really tough time in comparison of other big stars of bollywood.
On the other hand priyadarshan whose movie 'Herapheri' made him a star in the industry now The film is a couldn't create the same magic it used to do. Even in the latest movie 'Khatta Meetha' which is a re-make of his earlier Malayalam film, Vellanakalude Nadu, with Mohanlal in the lead, was a tragedy. 
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July 20, 2010

knight and day

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 Tom Cruise's one more fascinating movie 'knight and day', although not the best one of the  actor, released recently. I watched it last week with my one of the friend, unfortunately not with girlfriend. The basic plot of movie is not a fresh one. We have already watched a dozen of such movies, even Tom himself has played such role in some of his movies. In the movie he is a agent of CIA, an unfortunate one, who has been accused of something which he actually was not indulged. In the whole movie he tries to get his name clear of that accusation. And the hot Diaz helps him in his pursuit. It is a must watch movie for all fans of Tom and Diaz, and for others also. Their is lot of action with some really nice scenes. So must watch it.

July 18, 2010

only slow, not steady

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SO at last the much awaited official sign for Indian Rupee has been decided, though it took a lot of time for such a simple thing. The process of finding the suitable sign does not take this much of time but it took over one year.
I just don't understand why all these governmental affairs take so much of time, but in the country named India if any work completes successfully that is a very BIG deal. Weather it is construction of bridges or decisions regarding a particular project should do or  not do, our people always tends to do all these things with quite slower pace. Even the guy attacked on Indian parliament is still waiting for his execution but we have not hanged him till death despite the decision for this has been taken for a long time. Our honored ex prime minister once said 'aaram haraam hai' but probably we all thought it is better to be a haraami than work hard..

July 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

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I just had a privilege to read the classic novel 'A Study in Scarlet' of famous character Sherlock Holmes. First published in 1887 the novel is a good read. By reading this i understood why the name Sherlock Holmes is so respectful in literary world. The writing of Doyle is mesmerizing and very descriptive. Also the stories of the writer Arthur Conan Doyle inspired many filmmakers in last century, many movies also made about the character in the time. Latest movie about the Sherlock Holmes released in 2009 and was a good stuff to watch. 

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