July 18, 2010

only slow, not steady

SO at last the much awaited official sign for Indian Rupee has been decided, though it took a lot of time for such a simple thing. The process of finding the suitable sign does not take this much of time but it took over one year.
I just don't understand why all these governmental affairs take so much of time, but in the country named India if any work completes successfully that is a very BIG deal. Weather it is construction of bridges or decisions regarding a particular project should do or  not do, our people always tends to do all these things with quite slower pace. Even the guy attacked on Indian parliament is still waiting for his execution but we have not hanged him till death despite the decision for this has been taken for a long time. Our honored ex prime minister once said 'aaram haraam hai' but probably we all thought it is better to be a haraami than work hard..

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