January 01, 2014

Alok Nath Jokes

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After Chuck Norris, Rajnikant, Sir Jadeja, presenting the new legendary figure: ALOK NATH. 

1. When alok nath sees a girl with a guy he does her kanya daan then n there.

2. The number of unmarried daughters Alok Nath has is too damn high.

3. Alok Nath's CV reads:
Degree- MBA in Kanyaadan
Experience-10022848 Kanyaadans done
Hobby- Giving Ashirwaads!

4. Alok Nath celebrate new year by playing Passing-the-parcel with family and Antskshari.

5. Alok Nath is a SI unit of संस्कार

6. Alok Nath जी तो candle light dinner भी दिया, अगर बत्ती लगा कर करते हैं ।।

7. Alok Nath apni khud ki shadi me bhi ladki waale the

8. Rapists should be made to watch Alok Nath's movies as Punishment.

9. Alok Nath Institute of Kanyaadaan and Samdhi Relation Studies !

10. Alok Nath requests the DJ to play Anup Jalota songs in a Night Club.

11. Alok Nath is the only virgin father.

12. Alok Nath cocktail पार्टी मैं शहद पीते है !

13. Alok Nath owns Sanskaar TV.

14. Alok Nath WhatsApp features " Last Sanskari At "

15. Alok Nath disco bhi Kurta Pyjama aur Shawl

pahen ke jaate hain.

16. Alok Nath holds world record for having Maximum number of Samdhi-Samdhans in the world .

17. In college days, a drunk girl told Aloknath to do whatever he wants, he took her to mata ka jagran.

18, Alok Nath went to Vaishno Devi for his bachelors party. With his family.

19. ye Alok Nath ji ke sanskaar hi hain ke prem abhi tak virgin hai

20. आलोकनाथ अगर किसी फिल्म में गैंगस्टर बनते तो सिगार की जगह मुंह में धूप जलाते।

21. आलोक नाथ सिगरेट की जगह अगरबत्ती पीते है।

22. Alok Nath snorts Agarbatti ash at rave parties.

23. Alok Nath went for Sunburn and did surya namaskar.

24. Alok Nath didn't become a doctor because he was too ashamed of reading about the female anatomy.

25. Alok Nath's favourite sport is football. Because of family members Kaka, Mata and Nani.

26. Alok Nath has never ever eaten chowmein in all his life.

27. Alok Nath took part in debate of The News Hour and result, he convinced Arnab to get married with Sanjay Jha!

28. Alok nath TEMPLE RUN bhi Chappal utar kar khelte h...  

29.  When Alok Nath was born, the nurse greeted his father by saying - Mubaarak ho Baabuji huen hain 

30. Alok Nath kela bhi chhilke k sath khata hai

Kyon ki wo kisi k kapde nahi utarta

31. Alok Nath drives a car in GTA at 20 kmph, with his family

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