February 22, 2011

I guess I'm changing

Long ago some idiot said that 'change is the only constant in this world', now this is idiot affirm it. Why I'm affirming is because now I really feel that everything can changes, including me. We don't need to go too back in the timeline to see myself a lazy, unproductive, watching movies and listening songs all the days. After completing my MBA I was at home in Jaipur with 'unemployed tag' for whole seven months and most of time I spent there doing 'nothing'. 

Then I got this job and everything changed over night. From Jaipur I moved to Chennai. The days with full rest changed into 10 to 7 working restlessly, 'funny langotiya yaar' replaced by boring bank colleagues.  Even language is different here from north India, so is the culture,climate and food habit. I think they call it 'cultural shock' 

In short life has changed dramatically with a few days. It took me some days to adapt the conditions though the process will be continue as long as I stay here. But life is not about following a routine in all your life, this is the change in situations which make one strong, mature and more importantly alive. 

For a few days I was cursing my luck for all this but now I'm thankful that I got the opportunity, to be alive.

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