February 25, 2010

tension free bench

kya kaha main pagal ho gaya hu, dimag kharab ho gaya h mera, ye ho hi nahi sakta. My dear friends this is possible and exists in our own world which is being considered a place full of problems and tension at each step one take in one's life. Their exists one and only one such a bench which is a officially tension free bench. Due to some reasons I can't share it's exact location otherwise I would tell you. For now just accept this fact by your heart that be tension free is no more just a dream and the status of tension free could be achieve by a human being.

February 24, 2010


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I was in my institute when listened the news that sachin has scored 151 and still playing, also their are 15 more overs left to play for India. That was a great news for a die hard cricket fan like me. Since their was no source to watch the match live but to ask friend by calling them so I simply started discussion about the match that can sachin hit a double century today or not. The discussion was going on than we come to know that he has made 188 not out and still their are many overs left to play. By listening this we all rushed to university hostel which was house full with people and noise that were shouting for sachin who was playing at 191 at that time. For next a few minutes the crowd shout louder and shout more louder and shout even more loudervas sachin was steadily making more runs and finally surpass the highest score of ODI, that was 194 by anwar. The shouts reached to the highest level as sachin made the 200th run and created history by doing the once considered impossible task in a ODI.
BRAVO SACHIN, This is the performance which could be done by such a class player. That's why we all love you so much.

February 22, 2010

yogi bana bhogi

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Lead Actor                -         Kumar Yogi
Supporting Actor       -         Aashish Verma
Lead Actress             -         Their are more than 20 top actresses are acting in the movie.
Director, script writer -        Shrikant Kumawat

The first creation of YkB Production India is releasing in cinemas on 4th march. Thee story has not being  disclosed at all and the unit has been kept their mouth shut on the issue. But some inside informer has said that the movie is based on real life story of a person who has very weird thinking about various issue and who was a monk on his last life. Since the movie is based on reincarnation people are very intrigued about this and this will likely to help in attracting a good crowd to cinemas. Also the movie is releasing on 4th march and on 5th march their are releasing six more movies which may postpone their releasing due to the tough competition they have to face with this movie.

This was a short review of the movie, I will keep inform you about other news related all the big and good movies.

February 21, 2010

most weird exam

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Their was my exam for a post in IB this morning. I usually don't fight much competition exams but still have been appeared in plenty of such exams. One thing I would like to share with you is that the whole process of exam was so funny. The most weird thing in this exam was its question paper which resembles with a typical newspaper in it's size, that doesn't has the style and shape we generally see in any other exam's question paper. Also the answer sheet had a unusual shape that reminds me a medium size posture. IB should work on designing of these question papers.

February 20, 2010

the career front

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Probably this is the most concerned and thought about issue for me at this time, As the placement has started in the institute and the initial report is not good for me( i'm talking about my performance). I have appeared in selection process of two companies in last two days and could succeed only to face interview of one of those. The main problem I face is to perform in GD round, that is the worst area of mine. I have also some other opportunities in government jobs. I'm also to give a exam for IB tomorrow and to appear for SSB of CDS on 10th march onwards.
Anyway I have to face all these for my whole life, i guess. Also with time all these would become habitual.

February 18, 2010

A win for a win

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Despite the disruption due to the rain India finally has won the match and saved it's first position in ICC test ranking. Also this is the first time when India would be in the position in annual ranking by ICC for this format. This wouldn't have been possible if India had lost the match but she done it by claiming a win in the same manner the guest team did in the last match. Thats what I say a win for a win.

February 17, 2010

bad luck

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It's just what we call bad luck that may keep India away from the position of ICC test team of the year. Despite the marvelous performance by both Indian batsman and bowlers, India possibly will not win the match if the play will be disrupted on the day five. It will be very tough for Indians to get all remaining seven wickets if they won't get much to play.

placement starts

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As the first company is visiting campus tomorrow, placement season is about to start at podar. It may be a little late but the good thing is that any how it is starting. My biggest concern will start now because this is the time which will decide what I'm going to be in future. Till now their is nothing certain about my career, that which industry or company or area I'm to go. I'm so confused about my career that It will be impossible for me to choose a career path. Their are many reason of this but the biggest confusion remains that whether should I do any job or not. I want to be an entrepreneur and due to some circumstances, you may say it poor decision making ability or something like that, I could not take any firm decision about this issue. That's why I could not prepared for placement in proper manner. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

February 16, 2010

last semester starts

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This was first official day of fourth semester.No classes, thank god. Their was nothing special in the day but just a feeling of being promoted in the next semester. Although their is missing the happiness quotient because this time I'm about to get a few backs. Today most of the student of my class were not present. Only a few person were their including me. I suppose everyone will come tomorrow since the placement are to start from 18th of this month, and certainly they will not going to miss them. I'm going to face my first interview on the day( only in the case if I succeed in GD round).

February 15, 2010


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ya khuda kahi
ye sazish teri to nahi,
ki meri ruh me wo samaya hai,
mere hone ka jise ahasas tak nahi.

February 13, 2010

3 days 13 movies

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Exams are over and I'm sitting at home for last three days. I am not doing anything special just watching movies, I watched 13 in last 3 days, listening songs, reading a few books and also trying to write some poems. Classes are to start on 16th so still have enough time for these things.

February 10, 2010

exams finishes

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good news everyone.

My exams are over now, but before the finish it almost made at least one killing, of course of mine yaar. But not to worry, HUM ABHI JINDA HAI. For last twenty and so days I had been writing paper regularly and waiting for the day when exams was to finish. And now when it has come, thank god, I'm feeling a little better. Yaah but same time their is a little bit sadness because the way I wrote the papers their is a big question that WILL I BE ABLE TO EVAN PASS IN ALL THE SUBJECTS. It would be stupidity to worrying about this SO DHONDU JUST CHILL, in the end all will be well, I suppose.
And please if you have any reaction over my posts please let me know.

February 08, 2010

farmville 2

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the acceptance

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"India attaches more importance to knowledge and technology innovation in the development of the new-and-high tech industries. We believe that India may achieve better development in the next few years. In future, the economic growth rate of India is likely to exceed China's," this is recent comment of a top Chinese official, Dai Xianglong of China's National Council for Social Security Fund.
So at last our enemy # 2 accepted the growing economic power of India, very unexpected I would say. America has admitted this fact many year ago and now the China has affirmed it. certainly their is something really impressive economic activities are going on in India. Now I think Dai Xianglong has done a good job so 'bande ko 'bharat ratna' nahi to padma award to milna hi chahiye, ab jabki India har aere gere ko aise award de rha h.' And he also deserves a probably capital punishment from Chinese authority since the thing applies in India for issuing prestigious awards are applies for granting capital punishment in China.
Thats the difference between a one party system and a 1, 2, 3,....7, ........33....... party system, you may also call it a democracy.

India Vs SA

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India Vs SA
first test match
SA forces India to play follow on.

After a 'NAUTANKI' in B'desh a really good match is going on between the top two teams of the world. SA forced the current #1 team to play follow on, at least it will make Indian team realize that the road to top is not so flat or easy to achieve. Since the team which will win the series will get number one position in the ICC test ranking, this match is very important for both of the teams. India has never been in that position so it is a golden opportunity for team India to make the history.
So best of luck for team India. I hope you won't let us down.

what a exam sirji !!!

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Today was my second last exam of the semester. It was sales and distribution management, my minor subject. Good paper, good exam, i think I'll get a good score .The only  problem in this paper  was i didn't know answer of a single question. Even three question were out of syllabus which i come to know after the examination was over. This is one of the side effect of being online all the time.
This is 8th and I have just one more paper to left of this semester on day after tomorrow.  Wow.

February 04, 2010


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Today I heard a rumor that my one friend Dr. tikoo got married. As I have not talk to him for a long time since he is not attending any calls, specially of a faltu guy like me, so I can't claim what is the truth. Anyway anil tikoo is famous in my institute as baba, and now he has dropped the institute so we picked up a new baba Mr. vijay  who is as charismatic as the last baba was. This renowned  nickname has given to them for their extraordinary capability of entertaining people.
 At last congratulations to tikoo, I'm wishing a very happy married life to you.

claiming a Guinness

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Now you may wonder what special I did so that I'm claiming a Guinness. Well, I didn't do a stupid thing that need a great deal of insanity. I did a thing that need much much much courage and knowledge to make it happen. As you know their was my exam of financial derivatives this morning. For this subject my preparation was good that's totally unsuitable to my reputation.  I study at least five times more than I generally do for a subject. So everything was going right but unfortunately I mismanaged the time. And ..... when only a few minutes were left I had a full question to answer worth 20% marks of total marks. Now the statistics is that I filled six pages in just 3 - 4 minutes. I could manage to write in such a filthy writing that the examiner would not be able get what exactly I wrote. Well I think it is sufficient to get me a world record, what you say, will I ???

February 02, 2010

award me too !!!


Awards in India have been controversial for a long time. Every now and than these makes headlines in media most of time for negative reasons. No matter it is padma or national award, any how almost every major award succeeds to make headlines. In last few days these are again in news, thanks to the home ministry that selected some renowned persons whose claimed efforts are doubtful. Bollywood actor Saif ali khan, India - American hotelier sant singh chatwal, Gulam mohammed mir these are the controversial person who are to get padma award this year. Last year also a jammu based shawl exporter was selected for these prestigious award, for that government accepted it's mistake after raising objection over it.
If government carry on same agenda for a few more years than might be I also could selected for national award for my great role in academics. 

Deadly MFI

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This was my first paper of finance in this semester.But the Management of Financial Institutions ended as Mismanagement of Financial Institutions. Out of 7 questions, their was not a single question which i could have answered with confidence. The only good thing I did in today's exam was that I filled all thirty eight pages of the copy. And if you ask me that how what score I expect in this paper than my answer would be, anything between 15 to 55, out of 70 marks.
The worst is ahead, I have a exam of financial derivatives day after tomorrow.

February 01, 2010

in a deep crisis

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Tomorrow I am to face my first finance paper of management of financial institutions that is the easiest subject we have in finance, but as i was out of jaipur for last two days participating in elections in my village in sikar district, I could not study the subject at all. The worst thing is that I don't have any study material, any book or notes for prepation of the subject so that's going to be a big problem for me. I'm to return jaipur this evening having a dreadful night ahead.
It seams that this semester would be the worst one for me, no idea what to do?

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