February 24, 2010


I was in my institute when listened the news that sachin has scored 151 and still playing, also their are 15 more overs left to play for India. That was a great news for a die hard cricket fan like me. Since their was no source to watch the match live but to ask friend by calling them so I simply started discussion about the match that can sachin hit a double century today or not. The discussion was going on than we come to know that he has made 188 not out and still their are many overs left to play. By listening this we all rushed to university hostel which was house full with people and noise that were shouting for sachin who was playing at 191 at that time. For next a few minutes the crowd shout louder and shout more louder and shout even more loudervas sachin was steadily making more runs and finally surpass the highest score of ODI, that was 194 by anwar. The shouts reached to the highest level as sachin made the 200th run and created history by doing the once considered impossible task in a ODI.
BRAVO SACHIN, This is the performance which could be done by such a class player. That's why we all love you so much.

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