February 04, 2010

claiming a Guinness

Now you may wonder what special I did so that I'm claiming a Guinness. Well, I didn't do a stupid thing that need a great deal of insanity. I did a thing that need much much much courage and knowledge to make it happen. As you know their was my exam of financial derivatives this morning. For this subject my preparation was good that's totally unsuitable to my reputation.  I study at least five times more than I generally do for a subject. So everything was going right but unfortunately I mismanaged the time. And ..... when only a few minutes were left I had a full question to answer worth 20% marks of total marks. Now the statistics is that I filled six pages in just 3 - 4 minutes. I could manage to write in such a filthy writing that the examiner would not be able get what exactly I wrote. Well I think it is sufficient to get me a world record, what you say, will I ???

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