February 22, 2010

yogi bana bhogi


Lead Actor                -         Kumar Yogi
Supporting Actor       -         Aashish Verma
Lead Actress             -         Their are more than 20 top actresses are acting in the movie.
Director, script writer -        Shrikant Kumawat

The first creation of YkB Production India is releasing in cinemas on 4th march. Thee story has not being  disclosed at all and the unit has been kept their mouth shut on the issue. But some inside informer has said that the movie is based on real life story of a person who has very weird thinking about various issue and who was a monk on his last life. Since the movie is based on reincarnation people are very intrigued about this and this will likely to help in attracting a good crowd to cinemas. Also the movie is releasing on 4th march and on 5th march their are releasing six more movies which may postpone their releasing due to the tough competition they have to face with this movie.

This was a short review of the movie, I will keep inform you about other news related all the big and good movies.

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