January 28, 2010

on the comment of aashish on rattafication

Thanks aashish for such a comment. I can understand your feeling about the system. what you said is totally correct since their are a lot of students facing the same situation due to the checking of copies by poor quality teachers. One of my friend even says they don't check copies just use a dice to give marks while another doubts that they use a chit system for it but one thing is clear that they don't bother that students suffer a lot by these kind of practices that make them frustrated. I firmly in the favor of changing the exam pattern b'coz this type of exams only make you eligible for being an unemployed. This can't give you the knowledge you need for compete the people with a good quality education. This is the education that makes difference in life not the degree or the institute, Anyway hope for a positive change with the change of VC.

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  1. try to adjust with the system as it is difficult to change the system . one of my friend told me about a guy who is now working at international project for making energy from wastes. he used to score just 48-50% in academics since 10th std to engg 2nd sem . then he somehow manage to know the exam pattern and scored more than 80% continously


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