January 27, 2010


Hello friends,
I hope you enjoyed the fantastic performance by zaheer khan today, i myself just loved it. Besides this my own life is in ruins due to the bloody examinations. Every passing day the stress is amounting and I'm feeling very helpless to tackle it.  The worse thing is that the complex subjects are still their to faced. Its very difficult to survive without sufficient study in the case if you have finance as a specialization where you have to face four papers in a single semester of finance itself and six others. Anyway being a student of Rajasthan University I enjoy certain special advantages that are not available for the students of other Universities in India or may be rest of the world. This is the only University where a student can pass examination by studying only for a few hours irrespectively of which course he is pursuing. The concept is very simple, just fill up your copy and secure the passing marks, if you want more marks than mug up whole syllabus. Here one don't have to understand the real meaning or concepts relating to the problems, only rattafication suffice. I doubt whether aamir khan got inspired by this thing and made highest grosser movie of bollywood.
shrikant kumawat

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  1. Bhai, R u 100% sure about the pattern of ROU. But i not agree with all your facts there is one threat in ROU, which u can't find anywhere in the world that u can became also fail in that paper, in which u did your "BEST".
    So, i am suffer from this threat from last 4 and half years.
    The worst thing with ROU is that there is 200% certainity of the "UNCERTAINTY OF RESULTS".

    So, in the ending i can say only one thing that Aamir Khan said in his last movie for being Positive.



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