January 26, 2010


I wish you all a very happy and dinchak republic day of India. I'm sure you all know that the very same same day in 1950 our constitution was come into force and India declared herself a Republic. The day was foundation of our nation, everything we enjoy now has a root that leads to the day. We should be thankful to the country that has given us such a life with a lot of opportunities otherwise it's almost impossible for a developing state, very poor at that time, to survive as a democracy for so long and with a remarkable sovereignty. At the same time when our neighbors are facing a tough time and failing to provide a good and free life to their people, India is heading to be a powerful nation with a seemingly bright future. Although their are still many problems we are to deal. I think they can be and should be managed soon but that would be possible only if our leaders act with responsibility.

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