January 28, 2010


Their was my exam of business legalization today, nice paper, the paper setter must have done a lot of work to made this one. My reaction is as usual as amit said, I can't claim that I'll pass in the exam because their were seven question, out of those five was to attempt and I know only one question's answer. This was third paper of this semester and six more are coming in next two weeks. Their was four days off before this exam got a lot of time for blogging, surfing, reading( other than syllabus, of course), for watching movies, listening music, so on, so on....... One thing I noticed that one single exam had a wide type of experiences, those varies from worst to okay, to very tough, to lengthy. The same paper that was good for surjeet, same time was disastrous for sumit and okay for yogendra. for shweta it was 'pata nahi kya tha' and for me well I really don't care 'KUCH BHI AYE, LIKHNA TO WO HI HAI JO AATA HAI.
Good night..........

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