February 25, 2010

tension free bench

kya kaha main pagal ho gaya hu, dimag kharab ho gaya h mera, ye ho hi nahi sakta. My dear friends this is possible and exists in our own world which is being considered a place full of problems and tension at each step one take in one's life. Their exists one and only one such a bench which is a officially tension free bench. Due to some reasons I can't share it's exact location otherwise I would tell you. For now just accept this fact by your heart that be tension free is no more just a dream and the status of tension free could be achieve by a human being.


  1. Bhai i m 100% agree with u but u not explain the topic i thing u could have been give the reason that why the BENCH is famous so most.
    You should also give the name of the partners who give the party to u many times as many as possible like me, yogi,akhilesh, and others.
    U should have tell the popularity of the bench to all over the fiction world.
    I think that's enough for today we will meet again.

  2. main bata deta par wo jagah jyada popular ho jati aur phir apne number kaise aata waha baithne k liye,


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