February 08, 2010

the acceptance

"India attaches more importance to knowledge and technology innovation in the development of the new-and-high tech industries. We believe that India may achieve better development in the next few years. In future, the economic growth rate of India is likely to exceed China's," this is recent comment of a top Chinese official, Dai Xianglong of China's National Council for Social Security Fund.
So at last our enemy # 2 accepted the growing economic power of India, very unexpected I would say. America has admitted this fact many year ago and now the China has affirmed it. certainly their is something really impressive economic activities are going on in India. Now I think Dai Xianglong has done a good job so 'bande ko 'bharat ratna' nahi to padma award to milna hi chahiye, ab jabki India har aere gere ko aise award de rha h.' And he also deserves a probably capital punishment from Chinese authority since the thing applies in India for issuing prestigious awards are applies for granting capital punishment in China.
Thats the difference between a one party system and a 1, 2, 3,....7, ........33....... party system, you may also call it a democracy.

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