September 20, 2010


              From the ancient time soldiers of losing side on a war could expected to either killed or imprisoned for a long time. The first Roman gladiators were prisoners of war. In those times the purpose of war were economic and political gain, sometimes the purpose of a battle was to capture women, a practice known as raptio, means abduction. In middle ages, captors would take a large sum of money from the family of prisoners, specially in Europe. In WWII alone Nazis imprisoned some 4-5.7 million USSR's soldiers. Same time other countries also captured millions of PoWs. In 1971 India-Pakistan war India made 90,368 prisoners, which later released by Indian Government. These prisoners of war (PoWs) were being kept in a very inhuman conditions.  Still their are many prisoners are kept by different countries, but the fact is that the war had been over decade ago. 

           History says that thousands soldiers were imprisoned during the 1971 & 65, India-Pakistan war, most of those were released after the war. But some of those prisoners were not released and still  are in different jails, a the many reports have revealed, the exact number of such PoWs are unknown since both the countries are rejecting such a claims. But there are so many unbiased, independent,and authentic reports and people who are claiming that their are still some prisoners kept by the nations. Many times Indian government official have also accepted that Indian prisoners are kept in pakistani jails. But despite all these information the government couldn't get released those of unfortunate soldiers, even though more than four decade has been passed. Its very shameful to forget those heroes for such a long time. Although media raised the many times but no progress would made. 

According to Balwan Singh, an Indian prisoner who returned home to India on 3/10/1998 after 9 years in Pakistan prisons, claims to have met Indian, PoWs of the 1971 war. He said there were seven jails in which the PoWs were rotated. He distinctly remembered one of the PoWs as Jagdish Raj who was being kept in.
One more prisoner released by Pakistan Devinder Singh of Kashmir, was arrested in Pakistan on December 20, 1989 and returned to India on March 17, 2005 through Wagah Border along with 20 other Indian prisoners. He says that some 100 Indian prisoners were languishing in Pakistani jail in a very painful condition. Many of them had become lunatic and insane and had been painfully waiting for their release since 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Now if the government has such a information about those prisoners why it doesn't act to get those heroes out of the hell.

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  1. Harsh realities arising out of dirty politics... Hope, wish and pray, the poor scapegoats (factually, the gallant soldiers) get their dues soon... Thanks for sharing!

  2. If there is no war, there will be no POWs, no misery and everyone will be happy. World peace.


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