November 04, 2010


It was always in my dreams, in my thoughts that one day the way I am living will change and the future will be more adventurous, humorous and full of life; but by every passing day or month or year, the thoughts and the dreams are looking more a distanced unachievable fantasy rather hopeful future. They consist no element of the reality of the life. They say that one should dream big, because the person who dreams big and sets goal a little higher, certainly achieves a better position in life than a person with small dreams in eyes. But what the use of dreaming big, if you are unable to achieve those.
A person's 90% fate or destiny being decided on the day s/he born, by his/her genetic heritage, social and economical environment. So if Bill Gates creates Microsoft, the social, economic and technological environment of the surrounding has as much credit as he. Another guy living in Myanmar couldn't create the giant, no matter how much intelligence he possess. It doesn't mean that people in America are more successful than others but of course they have a very big advantages over others. Now a days with the possible power shift from west to east, we may have next Bill Gates from a eastern county. It could be anyone except me. Anybody who recognize a very beautiful opportunity at the right time, but certain quality he will posses. Those qualities are Brilliance, hard working, opportunism and passion. Do you have all these????
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