November 03, 2010

I'm writing a novel

No, No, I'm not just joking, the title is as true as the honesty of hon-able Mr.Suresh Kalmari or that of Mr. Ashok Chavan. I'm very very serious about writing the novel, my first one though, but I'm sure I will make you forgive the greatest of great writers ever walked over this earth, as soon the novel reaches to you. Now I guess you want to ask me that what heavenly stuff I'm writing that making me so optimistic about this. So friends this super novel is not a regular novel with a fishy love story or a boring criminal saga or a super cooled booker winning stuff, which nobody could ever understood. This story is very special, first of all because I'm writing this, and other reason is that this is coming directly out of my super mind. You may wonder but it took me over 8 years to finish it's first para, only because it takes a lot of hard work to inking so great thoughts on paper. 
You will be surprised that I have even decided to make a movie based on the story of the novel. A movie which will demolish all the bloody records which are standing tall today. And the very first show of the movie will be screened at our parliament, which would be a historical event, since it would be the first time in history of Indian constitution that a great movie will be screened at the great parliament house.
Well the story of the so called novel or movie is about a son of a famous politician of India, the location of the politician doesn't matter since all the politician from across the country posses the same characteristics and the same character. The guy will be doing only one thing in the whole story, f****** pretty girls and women, as the our politician do, they even f*** all other living and long living creatures also. But as it happen in all 'lived happily ever' after kind of story the young guy will be caught in a supernatural kind of place and will lost his all the best friends and than will understand the true meaning of life.
But I'm not sure how many years it will take to finish the job of writing the novel. Here a simple math student can conclude that I'm going to finish it before the earth stops rotating or before all the Indian politicians turns into as honest person as Gandhi was.  
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