March 01, 2015

15 People From Around the World Next to the Amount of Food They Eat Every Day

Maasai village near Narok, Kenya – 800 Calories

38-year-old Noolkisaruni Tarakuai is the third out of four wives of a Maasai Chief…

Sanaa, Yemen – 3,300 Calories

Ahmed Ahmed Swaid makes his living selling chewable qat leaves out of plastic bags…

Kabakae Village, Ghanzi, Botswana – 900 Calories

32-year-old Marble Moahi is a mother who has HIV…

Varanas, India – 2,400 Calories

45-year-old Munna Kailash is a bicycle rickshaw driver, earning roughly $4-5 USD each day…

Outer Space – 2,700 Calories

45-year-old Leland Melvin posed for an especially unusual photo when he was in space on a mission as a NASA astronaut…

Bloomington, Minnesota – 1,900 Calories

Student Tiffany Whitehead is an amusement park ride supervisor at the Mall of America…

Dhaka, Bangladesh – 1,800 Calories

Seamstress Ruma Akhter lives with her parents and three siblings in a rented 10-by-10-foot room…

Cairo, Egypt – 3,200 Calories

40-year-old Saleh Abdul Fadlallah works in a market outside Cairo as a camel broker…

Fort Irwin, California – 4,000 Calories

Soldier Curtis Newcomer poses at the US Army’s National Training Center in the Mojave Desert…

Effingham, Illinois– 5,400 Calories

54-year-old Conrad Tolby is a long-distance truck driver…

New York City – 2,400 Calories

23-year-old Mariel Booth is a model and student…

Caracas, Venezuela – 4,000 Calories

High school student Katherine Navas’ family runs an internet and copy shop in the nation’s capital…

Caviana, Amazonas, Brazil – 3,400 Calories

49-year-old Solange Da Silva Correia is the wife of a rancher and has no running water…

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada – 4,700 Calories

29-year-old Willie Ishulutak is a soapstone carver who can create two or three carvings in a single day, selling for $100 apiece…

Tingo Village, Central Andes, Ecuador – 3,800 Calories

37-year-old Maria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo is a farmer and mother of eight children who cooks over a hearth on an earthen floor…

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