March 31, 2010

wild(podar)life photoes

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March 26, 2010

so confused

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You may reject this thought by stating a bogus claim but I can prove that I'm world's one of the most confused guy, if not the most. It is not that each and every moment this confusion follows me like a ghost but the intensity of it goes up and down as the time passes. Most of the time it remains at a comfortable level but it changes so frequently that one even can't understand what actually happen with him/her. Nowadays I'm also facing such a critical situation which almost every young person faces at the starting of his/her career, and even at the later stages. My problem is somewhat different than others since generally most people struggles for opting a suitable field, company or profile; but I'm facing a totally different situation than others. My problem is not of choosing a company or profile for a job, but to decide weather should I go for a job or start myy own business. Here I should clear that I'm to go for entrepreneurship but what would be appropriate time to enter this field. Weather should I start directly from it or enter in it after a few years with good experience and knowledge of the market. But again their is a question that should I acquire the knowledge by doing jobs in different organisations or by working for myself, to get the exact experience which I would need. Well these are a few questions which have made me confused, hope I'll overcome by all these..........

March 23, 2010

Alice in wonderland

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I just watched the movie 'Alice in wonderland' which is based on the novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Very nice movie indeed, with a lot of nice scenes, nice actings by all the actors and the actresses. I watched the movie because of jonny depp otherwise I would nave never watched the movie since it was a fairytale which doesn't intrigue me. Anyway the movie is must watch for all the children and the people who like the fairytales.
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fresh start

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It seems that it has been ages since last time i posted anything on this blog.  I also think i have missed many nice topics to discussed about. RR's poor performance in IPL, my visit to bhopal, bhangarh and jaigarh are some thing I want to share with you. Anyway from now on I'll try to write regularly on this blog.

March 17, 2010

March 13, 2010

the incredible Indian

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once again yusuf pathan showed the true meaning of being himself by scoring fastest century of IPL. This is the same guy who made fastest double century at national level just a month ago and now his this inning add one more feather in his PAGADI. 
Yusuf pathan has contributed his so much skills in RR, the winner of inaugural addition of IPL. Although he could not done the same for Indian cricket team despite giving a lot of chances, but his recent cricket is showing his true worthiness. He surely will be given more chances after such a performances.

I think this year RR has a good possibility of winning the tital once again, despite their lose in first match by MI. I don't have any specific reasons of this but my heart is saying it more and more loudly every time I think about this. It may be wrong b'coz you now 'dil to bachcha hai ji...........'

March 02, 2010


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Here I'm not going to write the preview of the movie which has been released recently since I have not watched the movie yet, and might be I will never watch it in my wholr life. The reason is not that i dislike amitabh bachchan or hate to watch bollywood movies but is that the movie is almost copy of hollywood movie 21. As you know almost every bollywood movie are being inspired by any famous hollywood movie. Most of time the inspiration becomes copying the whole idea although our film makers always denies the any such a thing but everybody knows what's the fact. This is the only reason I hate these movies otherwise I'm great fond of Hindi movies since these represent us in true sense.
'Kartik calling kartik' was also released in cinemas on the same day which is also inspired by a very popular hollywood formula, one such a concept I watched in famous movie 'a beautiful mind'.
Last month I was watching a movie 'Death at a funeral' than I come to know that 'Daddy Cool' is a ditto copy of the movie, even each scene with same sequential order. The film maker did not try to change even a bit in the movie and keep each and everything as it was in original movie.
Their are hundreds of such example. This is the core reason that why I generally prefer to watch hollywood movies than bollywood movies. I think it is better to watch original one than to watch their cheap copy. 

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