March 26, 2010

so confused

You may reject this thought by stating a bogus claim but I can prove that I'm world's one of the most confused guy, if not the most. It is not that each and every moment this confusion follows me like a ghost but the intensity of it goes up and down as the time passes. Most of the time it remains at a comfortable level but it changes so frequently that one even can't understand what actually happen with him/her. Nowadays I'm also facing such a critical situation which almost every young person faces at the starting of his/her career, and even at the later stages. My problem is somewhat different than others since generally most people struggles for opting a suitable field, company or profile; but I'm facing a totally different situation than others. My problem is not of choosing a company or profile for a job, but to decide weather should I go for a job or start myy own business. Here I should clear that I'm to go for entrepreneurship but what would be appropriate time to enter this field. Weather should I start directly from it or enter in it after a few years with good experience and knowledge of the market. But again their is a question that should I acquire the knowledge by doing jobs in different organisations or by working for myself, to get the exact experience which I would need. Well these are a few questions which have made me confused, hope I'll overcome by all these..........

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