March 13, 2010

the incredible Indian

once again yusuf pathan showed the true meaning of being himself by scoring fastest century of IPL. This is the same guy who made fastest double century at national level just a month ago and now his this inning add one more feather in his PAGADI. 
Yusuf pathan has contributed his so much skills in RR, the winner of inaugural addition of IPL. Although he could not done the same for Indian cricket team despite giving a lot of chances, but his recent cricket is showing his true worthiness. He surely will be given more chances after such a performances.

I think this year RR has a good possibility of winning the tital once again, despite their lose in first match by MI. I don't have any specific reasons of this but my heart is saying it more and more loudly every time I think about this. It may be wrong b'coz you now 'dil to bachcha hai ji...........'

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