January 30, 2013

Lord Rohit Sharma Jokes- II

Rohit Sharma is one talented player in Indian Cricket team, here are some of the unheard things about him:

Once Rohit Sharma walked into a bar, the manager yelled “Isko mat pilana, ye bahut zaldi OUT ho jata hai”. 

Rohit Sharma is soon going to play a lead role in “Gone in sixty seconds”.

Rohit Sharma is a very talented player, it’s just that he is out of form since 1972. ~Sandip Patil.

Guy: Hello, is Rohit there?| No, he just went out to bat. | Guy: Okay, no problem, put me on hold, I’ll wait.

Rohit Sharma : Pitch :: MPs : Parliament.

Rohit Sharma not only looks like Rahul Mahajan, he bats like him too.

Rohit Sharma is the Tendulkar of nothing. ~Dhoni.

Once Rohit Sharma got out, met Dhoni on the halfway, asked “What should I do?”. Dhoni: Just, keep going.

Rohit Sharma’s bat is so useful, his maid beats the shit out of the clothes using that.

Rohit Sharma is like God, we know he exists, we just don’t see him performing.

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