April 03, 2010

An open letter

Hi everyone,
It was a day of september, two years ago, when I first time looked you all. You used to be very shy at that time, may be because you were new in the institute. Those days you would rarely come to my place and only a few time I could see you, despite the fact that you were their all the time in the institute.
But that lasted in a few months and you started visitin my place often, than regularly, and nowadays I could see you all the day at 'BABA KI MAZAR'. But the man I most admire doesn't come their, thats my biggest sorrow. I wish he come their and stay for ever. But I know it won't be possible because he is so studious that has very less spare time, further has to do a lot for making a good carrer. I also want him to be a very big person in business world since I always had dreams that my fiance is a CEO in some big MNC. Now do a favor for me, please bring your bro at least once at my please. I would be very thankful to you.
 Your bhabhi,

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