April 06, 2014

Best Modi Sarkaar Jokes- funny meme

1) Because no meme goes without the blessings of The Joker!

2. Modi has a jokes for Pappu

3.How can Kejriwal be missed?

4. School Geometry joke!

5. Some good old Bollywood rhyme scheme!

6 Yep. At this point anything that rhymes with "ar" goes. 

7 Trust the internet to know when not to stop. Har har!

8. Little bit science level jokes, no?

9. Bhaiyaa Sukhi poori dena ek aur, Ab ki baar modi sarkar! (If they can, we can)

10. Yes, cough syrup. Not even sorry.

11.Does it even matter?

12. Salman and controversy. Longest running relationship. ever

13. Some 3 idiots flavour?

14. Are you even reading this?

15. Food guide to Gujarat

16.Alok Nath, of course

17. Everything is about Modi. Everything.

18: The gist of this entire meme stream.

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